Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves!

So the Pill is back from Germania and what better way to celebrate the reunion of the schwestern than with jewellery?! So in celebration of my lovely sisses I made them each a pair of earrings that reflect parts of their personalities! Hooray for personalisation of jewellery!!

So for Spooners obviously the earrings had to include a spoon!! I found the delight-inducing spoon charm in Belfast and snapped it up immediately! Also Junio is known for her love of stars and as is engraved into her graduation watch - she is our star - so I blinged out the earrings with as many stars as I could find (my fave is the wee tiny one!) Plus the blue star just fitted perfectly with the blue theme to match her eyes (typical blue eyed blondie!) - I just realised that almost everything I make for June is blue...hmm...according to Mum's rhyme it really ought to be maroon!!
The blue shard(?) also matches the one on her sailor necklace (I just love intertextuality!) and then on the other earring I made a heart out of blue wire and hung a wee colander off it to signify Spooners' love for cookery (and for Super D?!) I was torn between using a wee teapot charm (as J loves her tea!) but in the end I went with the colander as it is way cuter and more unique (much like the girl herself!) More stars and the wee clothes peg is rather topical as she has just invented a craft that requires pegs to string up letters to welcome guests and also she has a certain small (yeah right!) love of clothes - making and wearing!! So all in all, this is a rather true portrait of June through the medium of jewellery!

Now as for GG I did follow mum's wee mantra of 'Green Gill' - especially true because GG, a true redhead, knows how to rock a good green! So I took inspiration from her internal elf-nicity and went for a foresty, leafy look! So I used the leaf charm and a lovely green leaf shaped bead I bought in Germany (to remind her of fun times!). I made the green chain that the leaf charm hangs from by bending green wire, easy-peasy and it looks groovy too! I also made the green wire spiral spring which, in my opinion, combines architecturiness and whimsy - much like the Pill!

To show Gilzo's engineeriness I included a 'ruler' charm and following in the stationery theme, the wee 'pencil' charm signifies her superb artistic skills in painting and sketching! And finally I added two green safety pins (which I bought in France - these earring components are so well travelled - European-tastic!) to add a little (s)punk to the piece, making them just a little edgy and alternative - just like G!

Is there a better way to express love than through jewellery - I think not!