Monday, 29 March 2010

Love Hearts

So I have by-passed some Christmas presents and jumped right up to Valentine's Day (so what if it was over a month and a half ago?!) Here is a necklace I made for Spooners, these 'crimp-style' necklaces are so quick and easy and they can still look really effective. I got these fuzzy hearts in France last year and have posted earrings of the same type before.

I added 2 little flower spacers on either side of the centre heart just to make it stand out and left the rest of the necklace very simple. See... Very minimalistic... well, sort of!

Pretty and speedy. I heart them.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

That Looks A Bit Fishy!

Ok first of all - 'blushing face' - apologies for being away so long. I have been experiencing a bit of a crafting drought at the minute but that still doesn't excuse the fact that I havent posted previous pieces - so sorry and here goes...

Very late to post Christmas pressies I know but I have only just sucked these pics off my camera (more to come) but here is the pres I made for my lovely Mama for Christmas.

The reason for the title refers to the name of the wire weave around the red glass beads - it's called Herringbone Weave! It doesnt take long (this necklace took me one evening watching a movie) and you can make the weave as large or as small as you like. So here's a close-up to get a better look at the wire.

I made 5 wire weaves around each side of the bead and I chose red beads as my Mummy has lots of red clothes and accessories. You can use Herringbone to make earrings, rings and bracelets so it's a very versatile technique and one I will definitely use again in the future. So just before I go, here's a pic of my lovely aforemention Mumo modelling said necklace. Love you Mum!