Thursday, 9 July 2009

Shiny Disco Balls!!!

These wee earrings have probably sparked the most compliments of any pair I have made and they are such a simple concept - sparkly beads in rainbow colours (I can hear Spoon sighing with delight from here!) And really what more does a pair of earrings need than sparkly beads and rainbow colours? A match made in heaven in my opinion!

These beads are truly beautiful but I never seem to photograph them well, I lose their glittery sparkle with the flash and lose their shimmery shine without it - so I just have to go with whatever photo is clearest so the above pic is the winner! Also I am attempting to photograph my jewellery in different locations or situations until I get some sort of bust or jewellery hanger to display them on but at the min I'm using my crystal glasses - double bonus as I can now highlight my beloved glassware!

Monday, 6 July 2009

Violets are Blue... (See previous post for context!)

This is one of my favourite pieces, such a simple pattern and yet so effective! I also like how adaptable it can be, it can be warmed up to be salsa-rific by changing the colours or double the breadth (or is it the width?) and turn it into a feature-piece wrist cuff. It is easy to make and doesn't require any catches or fixings as it is stretchy, so all you need to do is tie off the end of the thread and hide it underneath one of the beads! And 'hey presto' it's ready to wear!

The above pic gives the impression that the bracelet isn't the same width/breadth all the way round but this is a sort of visual-illusion, or the pic was just taken from a funny angle. My colour choice was quite simplistic here and if I make another one I'll definitely spice things up a little, also next time I will use wider beads, the ones I used here are pretty standard-small 'seed beads' which made it more difficult to thread the needle and threading through, especially as some of the beads were passed through three or four times! But overall I love the look (and feel) of it and best of all it is easy-peasy and quick to make!!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Roses are red...

This is the necklace I made for MissMonj's wedding in April. It started my love affair with swarovski crystal beads that led to spending copious amounts online - ops! Don't tell Handsome Prince! Anyway this neckace has about half-a-dozen swarovskis in it, though they aren't too visible as I took photos of it ages ago on Sam and now I can't find them anywhere so it was remarkably bright of me to photo the piece on the owner at Spooners' soiree last week, so apologies for the bad lighting and angles but I didn't realise the other pics were missing!!

I chose the red and white theme as MissMonj loves her red, and red & roses (some of the wee metallic beads are roses) are universal symbols of love and because her engagement ring is a ruby so I though this would compliment it nicely! And she doesn't look too sad about it either!