Tuesday, 27 October 2009

How Much Is That Doggy In The Window...Woof Woof??!!

So in honour of the beloved (and unbelievably naughty!) Amber I wanted to make a piece to commemorate her incorporation into the family. Now, obviously for anyone even remotely familiar with Gil's pill-ish pup, they will know that there is NO WAY ON EARTH that I could make something for the little scamp herself as she would undoubtedly have it broken, destroyed, decimated and, no doubt, swallowed within 2 micro-seconds of receiving it (which is such a shame because it would be such an innovative business direction to branch out into doggy jewellery...hmm...I wonder...) Anyway as I couldn't make something for Ambino herself I made something 'Amber-themed' for GG.

This wee charm bracelet contains every single dog-ish charm i could find in shops and online!! (They are: a food bowl with 'Spot' on it, a doghouse, a pink bone, a wee heart with 'I love my dog' on it, a puppy, a silver bone, 'woof', a 3-D doghouse and a bone with 'Number 1 dog' on it). I think this is the first time I've used one of my toggle clasps which are better suited to bracelets than necklaces I think... (oh I've just remembered Copper Heart - my first entry uses a toggle clasp!) and I think they really add to the overall look of the piece as bracelets are viewed from all sides there is no definitive 'front' and 'back'. My favourite charms are the heart, puppy and silver bone, especially the wee bone - I even get the urge to bite it!!

Again - apologies for the photo, I can't currently crop any images.

So GG (true to form) had this charm bracelet all of one day before she broke it - typical! So it has been patched up and past back with a warning not to use this chain to bungie-jump, tow her car, climb a tree with - or whatever, it is only a very soft metal chain so I am reiterating the warning - go gentle GG, now I know where The Ginger Whirlwind aka Amber gets it from!!! Enjoy you two!

Hey Peeps

Apologies for the lack of posts but my work computer has been changed and it is preventing me from editing my photos so I can't post them at the minute. Am still waiting for a resolution but in the meantime I will search through and see if I have any 'ready-to-go' pics that I can post here just as they are... hopefully I'll get this sorted out sometime this week. Love to all. Stay Sparkly!

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

All The Better To See You With My Dear

So for Mama I made a glasses chain so that she wouldn't lose her specs as she goes about her daily biz. Very simple concept and incredibly easy to make. All I had to do was choose the colour (red) which suits wee Mum's red trainers and add a few silver rose beads and hey presto!

I added a couple of dangly details (the wee Made With Love tag) and two butterfly wings hanging back to back to give a bit of texture and add another dimension to the piece (that sounds very space-y - adding "another dimension!").
Anyway it's a hit with me as it's speedy to make, pretty and practical!


Monday, 5 October 2009

Fuzzy Hearts

I heart these wee earrings. They are the first pair of stud-back earring I've made and I will definitely be making more. My hook-back earrings all tend to be very long but I like the stubby and sturdy look to this pair. I got the wee hearts in a craft shop in France and couldn't wait to get them home to try out some Valentines inspired pieces!!

I simply added a bicone spacer bead, a mini pearl bead and a little faceted red bead - easy as pie (oh...pie...yummy!!!!). Made in a matter of minutes (certainly less than 5) and ready to wear - perfecto!

Friday, 2 October 2009

Just Peachy!!!

[Please ignore the un-ironed pillowcase in the background - I had a small problem with my jewellery busts]
So this piece is for my Mama, it had to be classy (like her) but not too sophisticated that she wouldn't have any occasion to wear it. It had to be simple but pretty. And it had to be casual but special. Much like Muma herself. Sooo I choose these utterly delicious peachy pearls when I was in La France pour mes vacances, which are perfecto for Mumito as she wears lovely peachy-pinky shirts to her new fabulous work!!!
In between the front pearls I added a little sparkly rondelles (I ADORE them!!) and I think they just lift the whole necklace. The sparkles come from Germany – now let me quantify that statement with news that Muma will probably not find too pleasant so I apologise but just keep in mind “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” – Muma – confession – I found these beads – on the street – as part of a silver, gold and sparkly necklace. I deliberated about using them – normally I loath anything second-hand (I can’t abide owning copied DVDs, not thrilled with second-hand books either – except the really old ones! They are fabulous!) Anyway I just love the sparkles, plus they would be pretty pricey to purchase so the fact that I got them gratuis is even better – so apologies but that’s where they come from. Even so they do a stellar job in highlighting the pearls and adding a little je ne sais quoi to the overall effect.

And my Sweeto has worn it ever since I gave it to her (I must say I'm very flattered!), she even wears it in bed and in the shower - but I have noticed this is not reacting too well with the wire in the Tigertail so it may have to be restrung but I dont mind - I'm just delighted she loves it enough to wear it - which is what this whole blog is about!!!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Hello Laura!!!!!

This is just a wee quick message to say "Hello, top o' the morning to ya and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!" To the beautiful Miss Laura B all the way over in Oz!!!! I am delighted to hear that you got engaged - good on you girl!!!! And also so pleased to hear that you are following my blog - unfortunately I can't seem to get onto your blog at all?! So please email me an invite to it and I'll send one to you so you can comment whenever you wish! Also - awesome work on trying out the peg earrings, so simple and so funky! Keep it up and get a pic of you wearing them on your blog so that when I finally get on it I can see your handiwork!!!!!!!!!!!!