Thursday, 9 July 2009

Shiny Disco Balls!!!

These wee earrings have probably sparked the most compliments of any pair I have made and they are such a simple concept - sparkly beads in rainbow colours (I can hear Spoon sighing with delight from here!) And really what more does a pair of earrings need than sparkly beads and rainbow colours? A match made in heaven in my opinion!

These beads are truly beautiful but I never seem to photograph them well, I lose their glittery sparkle with the flash and lose their shimmery shine without it - so I just have to go with whatever photo is clearest so the above pic is the winner! Also I am attempting to photograph my jewellery in different locations or situations until I get some sort of bust or jewellery hanger to display them on but at the min I'm using my crystal glasses - double bonus as I can now highlight my beloved glassware!


  1. you heard me???!! Yeah i guess it was pretty loud...aah rainbows, you are happiness and contentment.

    you're insane, those pictures are beautiful..and the beads look beautifully shimmery and glassy....i <3 those earrings sooooOOOOooo much"""

  2. soooo pretty poog, really effective :)
    plus I was admiring your wonderful glassware before you even mentioned :P Great idea for a stand, better than the ugly boards or sponges you could use!

    they look fab! xxx

  3. I agree, love the glass presentation!
    What more does sparkly beads and rainbow colours need, you ask? A sparkly countenance in between, of course!!! xox