Monday, 29 March 2010

Love Hearts

So I have by-passed some Christmas presents and jumped right up to Valentine's Day (so what if it was over a month and a half ago?!) Here is a necklace I made for Spooners, these 'crimp-style' necklaces are so quick and easy and they can still look really effective. I got these fuzzy hearts in France last year and have posted earrings of the same type before.

I added 2 little flower spacers on either side of the centre heart just to make it stand out and left the rest of the necklace very simple. See... Very minimalistic... well, sort of!

Pretty and speedy. I heart them.


  1. i adore it..its the sort of necklace that you forget you're wearing until you catch a glimpse in the mirror!! so comfy.

    they are waaay redder than the photos suggest...i ♥ them!!!

  2. hahaha the word verification for that comment was "neat house" lol


  3. my (male) boss told me today that my red jewellery (ie this necklace) was gorrrrrgeous!!

    ...yes i was a little creeped out. thanks anyway poogle!