Friday, 4 December 2009

Winter Star

Even though I made this necklace in July I think it looks a lot more 'winter appropriate' than summer. I was a super-duper easy necklace I made for my second-cousin Charlotte who (very kindly) let Handsome Prince and I stay in her room when we visited Tante Lidi in the summer.

Just a wee token to say Thank-you!!

Blue pearl beads, opaque blue swarovski crystals, blue shell star and little metal stars - such a lovely blend of beads and blues - in fact, it's a very good remedy for 'the blues' - pearls, crystals and stars - they make my heart happy!


  1. i love this...beautiful blues and a STAR which i also will look really pretty with her blonde hair...good call poog.

    and good call on making it cute but mature at the same time...i LIKE!

  2. Simple and beautifully effective.
    Plus it suits her level of ostentatiousness vs reservedness!! I'm making up words all round...

    Point: VERY pretty, love it!