Monday, 16 November 2009

Birthday Girl

It was my lovely sister-in-law’s birthday in late September so when we were over in Germany for the wedding I brought her present over with us to save on postage costs! Part of the pres was (of course) a handcrafted necklace which she wore to the wedding (it really was a very successful marketing day for Gingerbelle Jewellery with all of my beautiful life models mingling among the masses!)
Her necklace had to be young and a little bit funky so I chose these iridescent pearls and clear cube beads to make it a little bit more age-appropriate. I have since made this particular necklace two more times for craft sales (one in my college – youth-themed and one for the craft day that Spoon (of House of Spoon see: and I tutored at last Saturday!)

And just for her I added in a rather coolio catch (though I must admit it is a little bit odd to use at first because it works differently to regular catches) a little heart to match the heart at the end of the extension chain. (Never enough hearts!)

And finally here is the lovely lady herself sporting the item in question and doing a stellar job at inadvertently advertising and promoting Gingerbelle Jewellery (aka GBJ)!! Good on you girl!!


  1. Looks good Poog.
    What's your favourite design? You've done so many to date!! I saw lots just like your work in Chinacraft, A'centre. It's about time you got into a shop somewhere to be the "competition" for the existing stock!
    Fortune awaits!! xox

  2. looks lovely poog!! congrats...see how much creativity is inside...makes my heart happy!


  3. c'est super! Very nice and pretty, yet light and understated.

    (Check me out and my adjectives) hehe

    Fab job suz! lovely.