Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Got To Bag It Up

It really does seem to me that I am forever posting bag charms but I have only ever made 4 so I don't see how that could be the case?! Anywaysies. I made this for Katrin(sp?) to thank her for letting us stay in her house over the summer. We really did have a super time. Handsome Prince loved the house and said it reminded him of his family home (high praise indeed) and for me it was great to be back among familiar places and smells (the swimming pool, the cellar, etc). So now that I think about it, this in-no-way was a sufficient present to give - oh well, will have to do better next time!!
For this one I chose a summery-themed combo of pinks and greens, heart, flowers, stars - and rather randomly - a teapot. But I love the little teapot, so quaint and homely. But I think I definitely need to add more charms next time I make a bag charm, when it comes to presents - less is never more!!


  1. i LOVE pink and's my favourite combo after red and green

    adore the charm it looks sooo pretty...i would love an earring with one of those teapots!!!

  2. As an owner of two of your said 4 bag charms I feel rather greedy but proud all the same! Ha Ha, lucky me!
    This is also a lovely one! xox