Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Ladies In Lavender

Very unexpectedly a lovely lady called Mary gave me money and a beautiful card for my birthday. This is the second card she has given me and the first came at a very difficult time in my life so I wanted to make her a little present to say a giant thank-you for her thoughtfulness and her generosity on both occasions. I wasn't sure what to make her but I had recently purchased a bag of mixed findings and one was a brooch pin so I thought I would give it a go. I chose the colour purple as it is beautiful and regal (and coincidentally I found out afterwards it is also her favourite colour - bonus!). I had a bit of trouble trying to make it appropriately mature but also give it a little edge so I just used a collection of different beads and pearls and wrapped them randomly around each other and the pin until I found a way that displayed the most beads as prettily as possible.

(Apologies for the appalling photos - I took them in bad light, at too close a range and without using a tripod so almost all the pics are dark and fuzzy but I tried to use the best two I could find here!!) I like the random quality of the arrangment and it is truly unique as I have no definite pattern to follow so I wouldn't even know how to make it again if I wanted to!!!

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