Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Haematite Honey

As we all know our GG can't get enough haematite so I made her a wee pair of earrings with these super haematite Vs. (I must get around to photographing and posting my other earrings made from the same Vs at some stage!) And I added a little plastic rice pearl bead to the centre and hung two like plastic pearls from the bottom to make them a little more fancy.

The Vs are free to spin around the centre headpin which wasn't what i had intended at the beginning but I like the way it changes the impression of the earrings - so you're really getting two styles for the price of one!

So there they are in all their glory - enjoy them now because (unsurprisingly) they no longer exist - yes, that's right Miss G has struck again and destroyed yet another present. This time I believe they smashed onto a tiled floor when she was away galavanting for the weekend - oh well, dont' worry little earrings - 'cause if you gotta go at least you may as well have a smashing time!!!


  1. aaaah I'm so sorry! I don't know how these things keep happening to me!

    You totally should remove the bit about non-intentional spinning, it's one of the coolest things about them - self changing jewellery... moving adornments, fabulous!

    Also - who could get enough of haemetite? It's truly fabulous, and I love these earings and I hope that there is a possibility of repair work, otherwise I'm going to wear them broken - which might be bad advertising for you...


  2. groan...hands up who is surprised....anyone...anyone? nope didnt think so!

    good work anyway poog...i concur about the spinning thing...very cool

  3. They are soooo cool I'd even wear them myself. Is there any metal tough enough for destructo-kid? How's your repair shop doing? xox