Wednesday, 12 August 2009

-Can't think of a pithy title to do with pegs-

This entry is surprisingly hard to find a title for - nothing 'peg-y' was coming to me, all I could come up with was 'Peg Me!' (in the theme of 'pick me') but the very fact that I would have to explain it means it wasn't a particularly good title, so I'm just going to go with 'Peggy Sue' (for obvious reasons!). So back to the jewellery...

Fun, funky and fast. I found a bag of multi-coloured pegs in a craft shop in Belfast and decided to turn them into a pair of earrings. Just pick your colour scheme, number of pegs and shape (this one is zig-zag, but you could also do curvy pointing towards or away from your face, for example) and then clip them in place!! Word of warning however, they do tend to 'ping' off every so often so a wee blog of wood glue between the 'nippy-bits' should hold them in place. I haven't glued mine because I like being able to change the colour combinations and length to suit my mood - 2 pegs day wear, 4 pegs night wear - but the sky is the limit, you could clip them all the way down to your waist if you so desired! Or simply make lots of versions and secure them all safely with glue, as a bag of about 50 pegs costs abround 80p-£1 you could make as many of them as you want!!


  1. love those rainbow pegs...they look great poog...and i love the diy element too!!

  2. I know another use for these strange shaped wooden things! Come round sometime and I'll show you! Ha Ha! xox

  3. haha - oh mum - you're such a wee joke-ster!!!