Tuesday, 11 August 2009

"CHARMED to meet you!"

This is another bag charm that I made for my mum - she has the most *blinged-out* handbags!!
This one has longer charms hanging off it than the previous one (though the premise of rainbow colour scheme is still the basis) and I really enjoyed picking which beads should go with which charm - the variety of choice is such fun to work with!I just love the wee copper heart - I didn't have a charm that would go with the the peachy coloured bead so I fiddled about with a bit of copper wire and bent it into the shape of a heart - I love the adaptability and versatility of wire work! And it means it's a little bit more personal than before. (I'm think of making a bag chain made up only out of home-made charms..hmm...)
I used a phone charm I got in a sale (just lots of thin metal butterflies) as the wings on the little angel, her skirt is a lily-esq flower bead and her head is a pink pearl - so easy and just made up of pieces I had in my bead-box (the wonderland that it is!)
The bicone beads above her head are all Swarovskis (in fact all the crystal beads in this piece are) they are super-sparkly and come in such a huge range of colours - perfect! Oh also, the wee silver heart hanging off the red charm is part of an extension chain that I cut-up to match the silver hearts and rose - mucho romantic-o!! And as it was a pressie for Mumito I had to add in a wee flip-flop sandal charm as Mum loves her sunny summer holidays, so when she looks at it (even in the bleak mid winter) she can remember fun times and look forward to more to come - she is such a suntot!!!


  1. It's beautiful Poog! But must I again say that mum now has THREE bag charms and I have... NONE!

    haha jk, the angel is beautiful, but I'd love a better view of her wings! good work human guard


  2. One can never have enough! (is this mumito talking?)
    You should print the story of each piece on an attaching card when exhibiting your wares - they're sure to capture the hearts and imagination of your buyers!! And adds more value to the "thought behind" when it's bought as a gift!!

  3. what a fab idea!! i love it mumo, thanks! good to have you back and blogging!!