Thursday, 20 August 2009

Cuff Round The Ear... ops! I mean... Wrist!!

I was out shopping when I spotted a groovy wrist cuff in Castlecourt around Easter and I bought it to bring home and try my hand at replicating it, on my first go I used second-hand beads as I wasn't sure how it was going to work out (this one would definitely be at the difficult end of the jewellery making scale) so the beads are a little bit crazy multi-coloured but it's kind of fun!
(If I make it again I think I will use mini pearl beads to make it a little classier!)

I didn't have any measurements for this so I just laid wire along the bought bracelet to gauge the length of each piece - the bought one is much stronger than mine and bounces back into shape a lot more easily (mine tends to take on the shape of the last way in which it was bent) and despite all my attempts at measurements (which are reknowned for being poor at the best of times!) this one is a little too big for my wrist but it does make a nice mid-forearm-near-elbow cuff!

The plaiting was pretty hard and all the lengths are tapered (in the bought one) so I just attached them all at an angle to make them fit!! As mine is a little on the generous side space-wise whenever I wear it I use ribbons to hold it together, Handsome Prince says I should attach lobster claw clasps to hold it together but I think that will take away from the overall effect, after all this type of cuff isn't really supposed to have a fastening, just cling to your wrist and then spring back to shape after you take it off and I think (in my humble opinion) that the ribbons are sweet and add a whole other dimension (if slightly out of theme) to the whole ensemble!


  1. extremely impressive!

    i laughed at a your titles are so cheesey it's fabulous!

    looks beautiful in those pics...go poog!

  2. When I saw this piece I thought it was the bought piece!!!!! It's fantastic and very colourful, intricate and fashionable big time!! Wondercrump!M xox

  3. Really really professional looking Poog, I love it!
    I'm sure it was very tricky but then I would doubt that the bought one was hand made, so you're basically up against a machine for measurement accuracy!

    Well done, it's gorgeous, I can't imagine how it was made...


  4. She is ginger,
    She is "belle",
    She is a jewel,
    She is Gingerbelle Jewellery!!!

  5. Mum-Mum, thanks you so much for the wee song I love it! If I ever advertise I will use it as my jingle!!
    And thanks for the comments guys! It makes me so happy when I get encouragement - jewellery for everybody - on me! (in theme of the Milky-Bar kid!)