Tuesday, 27 October 2009

How Much Is That Doggy In The Window...Woof Woof??!!

So in honour of the beloved (and unbelievably naughty!) Amber I wanted to make a piece to commemorate her incorporation into the family. Now, obviously for anyone even remotely familiar with Gil's pill-ish pup, they will know that there is NO WAY ON EARTH that I could make something for the little scamp herself as she would undoubtedly have it broken, destroyed, decimated and, no doubt, swallowed within 2 micro-seconds of receiving it (which is such a shame because it would be such an innovative business direction to branch out into doggy jewellery...hmm...I wonder...) Anyway as I couldn't make something for Ambino herself I made something 'Amber-themed' for GG.

This wee charm bracelet contains every single dog-ish charm i could find in shops and online!! (They are: a food bowl with 'Spot' on it, a doghouse, a pink bone, a wee heart with 'I love my dog' on it, a puppy, a silver bone, 'woof', a 3-D doghouse and a bone with 'Number 1 dog' on it). I think this is the first time I've used one of my toggle clasps which are better suited to bracelets than necklaces I think... (oh I've just remembered Copper Heart - my first entry uses a toggle clasp!) and I think they really add to the overall look of the piece as bracelets are viewed from all sides there is no definitive 'front' and 'back'. My favourite charms are the heart, puppy and silver bone, especially the wee bone - I even get the urge to bite it!!

Again - apologies for the photo, I can't currently crop any images.

So GG (true to form) had this charm bracelet all of one day before she broke it - typical! So it has been patched up and past back with a warning not to use this chain to bungie-jump, tow her car, climb a tree with - or whatever, it is only a very soft metal chain so I am reiterating the warning - go gentle GG, now I know where The Ginger Whirlwind aka Amber gets it from!!! Enjoy you two!


  1. This is a very special little number. Fortunately I saw it before it was given over to be sorely tested and broken!!The mend seems to be successful. xox Go Poog!

  2. Yeeeay! I am such a spoilty! I love it Poog, however I have decided it is to remind me of Ambino when she is definitely NOT there... She thinks it looks good enough to eat! (But then she feels the same about the compost in the garden)
    Anyway! Her opinion doesn't matter - *I* aDORE it!
    Thank yooou and I'll be super careful with it (now) :P

    encore! love love!

  3. hahaha really cute poog...and all in the theme...how that must make your heart happy!!! don't worry, gill breaks all the stuff she loves, if it hadn't been broken and mended, then i would be worried!!!