Friday, 2 October 2009

Just Peachy!!!

[Please ignore the un-ironed pillowcase in the background - I had a small problem with my jewellery busts]
So this piece is for my Mama, it had to be classy (like her) but not too sophisticated that she wouldn't have any occasion to wear it. It had to be simple but pretty. And it had to be casual but special. Much like Muma herself. Sooo I choose these utterly delicious peachy pearls when I was in La France pour mes vacances, which are perfecto for Mumito as she wears lovely peachy-pinky shirts to her new fabulous work!!!
In between the front pearls I added a little sparkly rondelles (I ADORE them!!) and I think they just lift the whole necklace. The sparkles come from Germany – now let me quantify that statement with news that Muma will probably not find too pleasant so I apologise but just keep in mind “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” – Muma – confession – I found these beads – on the street – as part of a silver, gold and sparkly necklace. I deliberated about using them – normally I loath anything second-hand (I can’t abide owning copied DVDs, not thrilled with second-hand books either – except the really old ones! They are fabulous!) Anyway I just love the sparkles, plus they would be pretty pricey to purchase so the fact that I got them gratuis is even better – so apologies but that’s where they come from. Even so they do a stellar job in highlighting the pearls and adding a little je ne sais quoi to the overall effect.

And my Sweeto has worn it ever since I gave it to her (I must say I'm very flattered!), she even wears it in bed and in the shower - but I have noticed this is not reacting too well with the wire in the Tigertail so it may have to be restrung but I dont mind - I'm just delighted she loves it enough to wear it - which is what this whole blog is about!!!


  1. delicious poogle! Really sweet and pretty and perfectly balanced.

    and i'm so proud of you for the reusing of "thrifted" if we can just stop you buying new ones altogether.....

    very sweet and very mamma! BRAVA!

  2. I'm proud of your entrepreneurship Poogie! and you're right I haven't taken it off since! I love it and you! Thanks a bunchie munch! xox

  3. Good job on creating a really 'mum-ish' necklace, it's hard to quantify and it's the first time I've ever seen her replace the silver chain from india... which I also adore and may be pinching if mum doesn't miss it! hahaha
    great job!