Thursday, 1 October 2009

Hello Laura!!!!!

This is just a wee quick message to say "Hello, top o' the morning to ya and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!" To the beautiful Miss Laura B all the way over in Oz!!!! I am delighted to hear that you got engaged - good on you girl!!!! And also so pleased to hear that you are following my blog - unfortunately I can't seem to get onto your blog at all?! So please email me an invite to it and I'll send one to you so you can comment whenever you wish! Also - awesome work on trying out the peg earrings, so simple and so funky! Keep it up and get a pic of you wearing them on your blog so that when I finally get on it I can see your handiwork!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Suzi! A blog entry all for me! I feel so special!!! :-) :-)

    Look! I seem to be able to comment now, because i set up a Google account - Woot - it seems that was the problem before. Hooray! Well, hopefully it works. but it seems to be recognising me... so i think it will work.... i have faith!!

    My main site is - it's got my music on it. i have a blog (at, but i havent written in it in almost a year... i'll take a photo of my peg earrings and put them up tho... i'll let you know when ive done that. im wearing them right now in fact!

    :-) <3

    Laura x

  2. Eeee! check it out - it worked!