Friday, 12 June 2009

Copper Heart

I made (very simple) necklaces years ago - just for fun, and so when my big sis was getting married and suggested that the bridesmaids should make their own jewellery I jumped on board. As it turned out she made the other two bridesmaids' necklaces (and rings) and I made my own - you can just about see it in my profile pic - and since then I spend every free minute musing over my beads to come up with a new piece.

The first thing I made was this copper bracelet, it was my first time trying some chainmail techniques but the copper was very easy to work with and I am super-happy with the result as it is ginger (just like me!).

Handsome Prince is not too sure about the blue crystal with the copper wire but I think the contrast is very striking! I might make another one in the future using paler, more complimentary colours (like the little peachy crystals flanking the blue ones).

I really like the heart-shaped clasp, it just lifts the whole bracelet - gives it something a little special! Here is a closer pic of the 'chainmail' effect, it was looks more sophisticated than it is. It is pretty easy to make which makes it a very good beginner piece!


  1. loving it poog!! really interesting with the blue stone, tell the handsome prince he simply can't appreciate when colours go together or contrast nicely (and it's obviously not his fault!)

    anytime you need a project I'm a willing jewelry model - any anklets or anything I'll advertise your wares here!

    looks super

    love love

  2. If the ginger speaks of your hair then the blue crystals definitely speak of your eyes!! I think it goes great together!
    Love the background wallpaper! Mwa xox.

  3. gorgeous poog...mum's right it is the perfect mix to represent a poog!

    so proud of you!!