Thursday, 11 June 2009


Hello and welcome to my brand-*sparkling*-new blog!!!!
Ever since April this year when my beloved cous MissMonj got married (hooray!) and I was experiencing certain financial hardships (we're in a recession people!) I decided to make her a wedding present (despite the fact that the beads worked out probably as expensive as a wedding gift would have been) and so my passion for jewellery making was re-kindled and with a little persuasion from craft-mistress houseofspoon I began to make beading my hobby and so this blog was born to document my pieces - hope you love them! <3


  1. Sue - great blog, will wait with great anticipation for your creations.
    PS what happened to the curly writing in the title? Surely curly Sue should be curly in all her adventures too!!xox

  2. The curly letters are waiting until i get an appropriate picture to go behind them - so i better get snapping (photo-wise I mean)!!