Monday, 22 June 2009

Round and Round the Garden...

Ok so this has nothing to do with teddy bears but the shape and the rosebud and leaf beads seem to suit the title! I made this bracelet after making the Copper Heart bracelet and while I love the large blue beads (with rosebuds and leaves) and the very pale pink beads in this one, if I was to make it again I would use thicker wire and thicker jump rings. I think the beads look a bit too heavy for the thin wire and while it would be harder to work with thicker wire I think it might look better, if a little bit less dainty!I added a wee 'MADE WITH LOVE' charm and an extension chain with a little heart on the end to add a little flourish to the bracelet because I believe all sides of jewellery (front and back) should be pretty to look at. For example, when your necklace (inevitably!) spins round so the catch and the pendant are side by side, instead of detratcing from the overall effect, a pretty catch or an extra wee charm can provide a little bonus! Hooray!

Sorry about the blurry pics and the big black semi-circle in the right-hand photo is a shadow from the lens (I couldn't get the chainmail-y bit in focus unless I was very close so the camera blocked its own light!) Oh well, at least you get the gist!


  1. looks lovely poogle!! Those blue beads are very 'you' keep the creations coming!


  2. We love dainty, heavier wire would take away from the delicacy of the bracelet! Really lovely!! xox