Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Leading a CHARMED life!

So I asked my tiny mumito what she would like me to make for her and she asked for a bag charm. I loved making all the different wee attachments and got slightly carried away with pure enthusiasm and made far too many charms so I split them up and made two bag charms instead!
This one is probably my favourite, shorter, neater and better proportioned. I laid the colour combos out in a rainbow (red-orange-yellow-green-blue-purple-pink) and used mulitcoloured pearls as the basis, here are two close-up pics, one with a flash and one without, I'm not sure which one I prefer as they both highlight different attributes of the beads, but see what you think:

See what I mean? The left-hand pic is darker and less aesthetically pleasing but it accentuates the sparkly beads better than the right-hand pic does.

It was lots of fun picking the beads and arranging them whatever way I pleased. There is less emphasis on balancing the bead combos in bag charms than there is in making earrings for example, where the arrangement can look top or bottom heavy and therefore unbalanced. However, I did try to stagger the styles and sizes so that they fell comfortably upon one another and no one side was over-powered. This bottom pic is just taken at a more artistic angle and gives a better idea of how the bag charm looks when it is attached to a beautiful bag and swinging merrily. Enjoy!


  1. "Enjoy" you say - I certainly do!!!! With my bag having BOTH the charms on it, my bag is the most sparkly bag in the world. I have even looped the ends through the centre clasp and they look like two little washing lines hanging with pearly/sparkly dangley washing! Bad imagery talking about "laundry" but looks fantastic!! Believe Me! Go Poog!

  2. o how happy the rainbow-sparkly-pearlescent-bead combos make me....aaaah....visual therapy

  3. funny you mentioned laundry mummy...I have a piece about laundry coming up...it'll be on next week so look out for that!

  4. looks lovely poog! How come mum gets two and your long lost sister in a foreign land has merely plain, glitz-free luggage!?

    haha just kidding, looks fab!!