Thursday, 5 November 2009

Be There Or Be Square

Soo for Deborah I made these wee square cascade earrings. They are copies of 'Shiny Disco Balls' that I posted earlier but using square beads. It takes a bit of time to make this style but they always look really good on people, probably because there is so much going on and they are pretty from any angle. Her favourite colour is also purple so I chose pinks and purples for this pair.
They are fun and young and I think the wee boxes work just as well as the round fact I fancy a pair myself!!!!


  1. Beautiful as usual. When are you going to build up your stock instead of giving these all away?
    Thanks for the photo anyway, at least I get to see your handiwork!
    Luv M xox

  2. they're really sweet, I bet they jingle in the most clicket-y-click way :)
    love love!

  3. very cute...they look like little pressies!!! do a fun christmas version!!!