Monday, 2 November 2009

Oui, c'est l'amour

When I was in France over the summer visiting my beloved 'Famille Francais' Handsome Prince's youngest female cousin Amandine admired my earrings (which were bought in the Claire's Accessories shop in Dublin airport on the way over!) they are tiny dangly silver hearts with love written in joint writing in the middle. I didn't even know Amandine could speak English never mind read it (but apparently it is now on their Primary School curriculum)! But she pointed at them, squeaking with delight and said, "love". Anyhoo Prince Charming and I were in Germany last month at Yan&Dan's wonderful wedding, and as Miss Amandine was also to be in attendance, he asked me to make jewellery pieces for all his little cousins for all the lovely gifts his uncle and aunty had given us while we were in France.

Soooooo (after that very long intro!) here are the earrings I made for Amandine who just got her ears pierced last month. Her favourite colour is (purple) so that was the signature colour of the beads and I knew I wanted to make something simple (not too fancy) and yet not too childish either. But either way it definitely had to feature something to do with 'love' and when I saw these little charms online I purchased them instantly with her in mind.

In the end I think the style of these are slightly old for her but she adored them and immediately shouted 'love!' in her beautiful little french accent as soon as she saw them, so I'm thrilled that she likes them.


  1. what a cute story!! i love how your jewelery has a meaning and a reason

  2. I thought all the wee French cousies got earrings in the summer, so is this the second time around? Don't forget about your shop!!