Monday, 16 November 2009

Le Coeur Bleu

And last but certainly not least – I made a necklace for the eldest St Andre as Rachel doesn’t have her ears pierced. I asked her what her favourite colour is and she said ‘all of them’ – in French obviously! Which didn’t really narrow it down but she did say she liked yellow and blue so imagine my delight when I spotted this gorgeous lampwork heart pendant in Abacus Beads?! I snapped it up and then used the yellowy-greeny-bluey tinge as a basis and located a few of the cube beads in various shades of blue and green and used little goldy-yellow round beads as accents!

The heart was rather heavy so I used two lengths of Tigertail to give the necklace extra support (which it definitely needed!) On the day of the wedding (when I was giving the girls their presents) Rachel was actually wearing a beautiful heart necklace so at least I know it is a style she likes and she put it on right away and wore it the whole day – so I was really chuffed!


  1. Deep ocean bluey greenness!! Superb combo Sue!
    M xox

  2. Ché bella!

    She should be careful not to have any romances on ships while wearing that - it may take a spill over the rail as Celine Dion sings it loud behind her!

    hehe, it's lovely poog