Thursday, 5 November 2009

GoldFish?? (ok ok, I know! -but GoldMammal didn't work so well!)

So Sonia (or SoSo)'s fave colour is yellow (jaune) just like me (moi aussi)!!! So I loved making a yellow pair. SoSo was the only St Andre to have her ears pierced over the summer (Amandine and Deborah only got theirs pierced last month) and she had one pair of long dangly earrings so I thought I would change it up a bit and give her these little round pair. [With hindsight I think she might have prefered a long pair but these ones are definitely my favourite of the three I made.]

I used wee dolphins to add a bit of charm [haha - see what I did there?] And the wee golden balls and yellow crystals give the lovely sunshine yellow that we love!!


  1. gorgeous!!...yellow and dolphins??!! how did you manage to give them away!!!

  2. They are squishious delicious! I agree with spoon, "how do you give them away?" M xox

  3. Lovely and delicate, they scream your handicraft! (did I invent a word there?)
    Never knew gold beads would go so well with silver charms!